Life Credit Information

Students who are enrolled in FBC may apply for Life Experience Credit.  Life Credit may be earned for verifiable experience in your given area of study.  Credit may be earned for such things as ministry work, missions work, youth ministry, prison ministry, teaching positions, etc.Generally speaking you can earn three (3) credit hours for every year of experience.

Degree Evaluation

Any student desiring Life Credit must have a degree evaluation completed.  A Degree evaluation examines your current credits from other institutions, other verifiable educational experiences you have had and verifiable experience in your chosen degree field.  A degree evaluation will determine exactly how many credits can be transferred in and how many credits, if any, can be earned through life experience and other education opportunities you’ve had.  The degree Evaluation fee is $100

Transfer Credit

FBC will attempt to transfer as many credits for other sources as possible.  It is not always possible to transfer everything or to apply credits to your field of study, however we will do our best to accept your previous education and apply it to a Biblical Degree.

Minimum Credits from FBC

A minimum of 18 credit hours (6 classes) must be taken from FBC for any degree level.

Transferring FBC Credits to other Institutions

Some Credits earned at FBC may not be accepted at some other institutions.  FBC is privately accredited by various accreditation organizations and offers non-traditional degrees.