Faith Bible College Extension Campuses and Bible Studies

FBC’s main campus is located at 210 S. Main St., in Independence, MO.  We also have Extension Campuses and Bible Studies in several states and several countries around the world based upon the laws of that state or country.  Please contact our Executive Office or an Extension near you for more information.

For Extensions in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area please contact the main campus.  For other extensions you may contact the main campus OR contact the extension campus nearest you.

Extension Campuses and Contacts

Independence, MO

F. B. C. Independence Extension en Español
210 South Main Street
Independence, MO  64050
(816) 252-7710
Contact:  Dr. Aleida de Jesus

North Kansa City, MO

FBC en Español
Jesucristo el Buen Pastor
4925 St. John Ave.
Kansas City, MO  64123
(816) 231-8105
Contact:  Dr. Carlos Perez

International Faith Bible College
Extensión a Distancia en Español – Internet
Rector General:  Dr. Nick Nichols
Director de la Extensión:  Dr. Roberto Moreno
Director Académico:  Dr. Hugo Navarrete Vargas
Asesor de Educación Superior:  Dr. José Pacheco
Kansas City, MO
(816) 349-7794 (Solo Texto)
Contact: Pastor Dr. Robert Moreno                                                      

Kansas City Extensión en Español
4323 Lloyd St.
Kansas City, KS  66103
(816) 986-0007
Contact:  Pastora Lucy Lopez

Pearls of Christ
Christian Education Center
1734 E. 63rd Street Suite 600 A
Kansas City, MO   64110
(816) 878-9527
Contact:  Dr. Madeline Vance

Gregg Tabernacle A.M.E.
1812 E. 37th Street
Kansas City, MO  64109
(816) 921-6300
Contact: Dr. Eraina Aseme


711 N E Sunny Side
School Road # C
Blue Springs, MO  64014
(913) 742-2874
Contact: Dr. Anthony Clark

Christ Church of Nevada
301 S. Main St.
Nevada, MO  64772
(417) 321-4720
Contact: Dr. Mike Novak

River of Life
Pastor James Damon
Rockville, MO
(417) 321-4720
Contact: Dr. Mike Novak

Kansas City, KS

Greater Pentecostal Temple
864 Splitlog Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66101-3228
(913) 371-4667 or (913) 371-0208
Contact: Dr. Mary Ann Davis / Dr. Beverly Moore

Olathe, KS

Templo Cristiano Aposento Alto
220 N. Rogers Rd.
Olathe, KS  66062
(913) 712-8499
Contact: Pastor Dr. Rafael Hernandez

Paola, KS
Friendship Faith Ministries
602 W. Shawnee
Paola, KS 66071-1649
(913) 898-2397
Contact: Dr. Essie McConico

Topeka, KS
Inward Faith Outreach Ministries
625 S.W. Polk Street
Topeka, KS 66603-3222
(785) 267-2106
Contact: Dr. Jean Irving

Cincinnati, OH
House of Liberty Covenant Church
Teleios Institute of Ministry
1631 Marlowe Ave.
Cincinnati, OH   45224
(513) 407-3440
Contact: Pastor Gregory Reynolds


Cincinnati, OH
The Advancing Ministry School of 5 fold Gifts
745 Derby Ave.
Cincinnati, OH   45232
(859) 652-0495
Contact: Dr. Paula Reed

Atlanta, GA

The Faith Bible Institute

3737 Stilesboro Rd.
Kennesaw, GA 30152
(770) 575-9421
Contact:  Rosemary Taylor                                                         

Omaha, NE

Sure Foundation Ministries
P. O. Box 4721
Omaha, NE  68104
(402) 813-1734
Contact: Keasha Hawkins


Nome, AK
Northwind Ministries
P.O. Box 441
Nome, AK   99762
(907) 434-1066
Contact:  Chaplain Ralph Ray



Uganda Africa
Plot 1 Nakasamba Road
Uganda, Africa
Mobile 071580852
Contact Dave Christian

Uganda Africa
P.O. Box 917
Uganda Africa
Contact Pastor Paul Busulwa

Mali, Africa
Dr Claudia Wintoch
s/c Ecole Bi Ya
BPE 2165
Bamako, Mali
FBC Extension

[stextbox id=”info”]Our International extensions are developing so rapidly we can not list them all here, please contact us for specific locations in your country.  These are some countries FBC currently serves.[/stextbox]

Durbin, South Africa
Paris, France
Ghana West Africa
Nigeria, West Africa
Cook Island
Iraq (underground)
Papua New Guinea

If you are interested in starting an extension in your area, please contact Dr. Nick Nichols, Chancellor, Faith Bible College.