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Education For All

FBC StudentsStudents of all ages and all walks of life have found Faith Bible  College (FBC) an answer to prayer, for quality bible-based education at  an affordable price. FBC might be the right place for you if you fit in one  of these descriptions:

  • I have a call to ministry and want a solid biblical education.
  • I am a Christian and I just want to take some classes to further my personal walk with God.
  • I want a degree that will help me both in my spiritual life and my career.
  • I am interested in Christian Counseling or Christian Education.
  • I just love the Bible and can’t get enough.

Advantages With Faith Bible College

ASPT Certification

ASPT Certification

  • Life Credit for practical ministry experience.
  • Earn a Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s Master’s or Doctorate Degree.
  • Convenient day and evening classes.
  • Extension Campuses
  • Correspondence Study Available
  • Earn a High School Diploma Through King’s Way Academy