Kingsway Academy Of Independence

KWAI is a great place to get your high school diploma! An affordable way to complete your high school diploma.  We are not a GED test-out program.

In order to get your full high school diploma you will have to complete all the class credits required by the State of Missouri for High School Graduation.

Earn a Genuine High School Diploma Not  a GED

Are your being held back in Life because you don’t have a High School Diploma? Tired of hearing, “I’m sorry, this job requires a high school diploma.”

Would you like to

  • Get a better paying job?
  • Try for a career in the military?
  • Go to college or tech school?

A High school diploma can open those doors for you!

The fees are as follows:

  • Application: $25.00
  • Registration: $25.00
  • Per Class: $25.00  (includes book)

Work at your own pace and complete when you are ready. Need some help?  KWAI has a variety of inexpensive tutors who can help you achieve your dreams and goals.